How to migrate from YouTrack to Jira: easy and for free

Date April 19th, 2016 Author Vitaly Agapov

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YTJiraIt's a kind of weird that there is no clear and tested procedure to migrate from Jetbrains YouTrack to Atlassian Jira. The recent one's documentation proposes us to export issues from YT to the CSV file and import it back to Jira. This could be the appropriate solution for those who doesn't need the comments, attachments, issue links and other useful things accumulated over many years of team work. But the real Jedis should follow their own path. So did I. I have made my own tool for migrating from YT to Jira and published in on GitHub. It is called Lumper and if you're here just for making the job done then follow the link, read the README and use it for a good purpose.


Lumper is written in Perl and designed to work via REST API both with Jira and YT. This imposes some restrictions on the functionality which could be avoided if the script could work directly with the databases. But the databases could be not available if you are working with OnDemand instances, So I believe REST API is a good choice. 

I have used Lumper to migrate quite a large YT installation to Jira. It had dozens of projects, around 10k issues, different custom states and other fields, And everything finally went smoothly. I have migrated all the issues with all the comments, attachments, labels, links and authorship.

So feel free to use it and may the Force be with you.

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