Kafka-Ops: yet another CLI utility to automate Kafka cluster management

Date August 12th, 2020 Author Vitaly Agapov

What we think we’ll do is often not what we end up doing. It isn’t always in our own control, our life.

Guy Gavriel Kay «A Brightness Long Ago»


This is just an introduction of my CLI tool for idempotent management of Kafka cluster objects (topics and ACLs for now). It is already adopted by our CI/CD pipelines for preparing dedicated or multi-tenant Kafka clusters during deployment of the microservices that act as producers. So we've got rid of any manual management of Kafka topics and ACLs.

The utility is called Kafka-Ops and its source code and releases are available at https://github.com/agapoff/kafka-ops

All the needed documentation is provided in README so I won't post it here. Please refer to Github, use, feedback, contribute.

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